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When you choose foods de­scribed as healthy, low-fat

or low-calo­rie, do you eat more of them? In a re­cent study at the Univer­sity of Texas, US, sub­jects or­dered food la­belled ‘ healthy’ or ‘un­healthy’ and rated their hunger af­ter­wards. Study lead au­thor Ja­cob Suher found that when peo­ple were told a food was healthy, they ate more of it, yet still per­ceived them­selves to be less full af­ter­wards than when the same food was la­belled un­healthy. Peo­ple ap­pear to overeat ‘ healthy’ food be­cause they sub­con­sciously con­sider it less fill­ing, says Suher. Tune in to your ap­petite rather than be­ing se­duced by la­bel or mar­ket­ing hype.

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