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WHY DO IT Im­proves ef­fort per­cep­tion and strength­ens the link be­tween your body and mind. HOW TO DO IT Go for a medium-to-long run with­out a watch or mu­sic player. Give in to the run, rather than try­ing to con­trol it or force an out­come. Set off with a rough route in mind, but don’t be a slave to it – judge the du­ra­tion of the run on how you feel. Over time, ques­tions such as ‘Is this com­fort­able?’ or ‘Can I go faster?’ can be an­swered more eas­ily.


WHY DO IT Im­proves your in­ner pace­maker. HOW TO DO IT Twice a week, time a mile dur­ing an easy run. Don’t ad­just speed – the goal is to gather in­for­ma­tion. Note the time and an ef­fort rat­ing on a scale of one to 10, along with how your breath­ing and legs feel. By fo­cus­ing on such cues, you’ll in­grain the sen­sa­tions that match dif­fer­ent speeds. Af­ter a few weeks, do the timed mile at 10K or 5K pace and note how that feels com­pared with the easy pace.


WHY DO IT In­stils pace sense and re­duces over-re­liance on a GPS for feed­back. HOW TO DO IT On a run­ning track or a flat, 400m stretch of ground, run 3 x 1600m at 10K pace with a three-minute rest be­tween each. For the first re­peat, check your splits af­ter each 400m lap; for the sec­ond, check ev­ery other lap; for the fi­nal re­peat, check at the end. Aim to get within 10 secs of your goal time; work up to within five secs.


WHY DO IT Teaches you how it feels to run harder with­out the stress of try­ing to hit a split time. HOW TO DO IT Once a week, on an un­du­lat­ing route, vary your pace from a short sprint to a jog to a faster stride and back to a jog, us­ing land­marks to guide you. Take it easy or zoom as your body feels. The em­pha­sis is on play; if you don’t have an in­ner smile on this run, you’re not do­ing it right. The ses­sion should last 30 min­utes to an hour.


WHY DO IT Helps de­velop ac­cu­rate pace and ef­fort sense. HOW TO DO IT It’s a time-based work­out, so sim­ply di­vide your work­out time by two. Run out for half of the to­tal time, note your split, then run back along the same route and take your time again. The goal is to run both halves as evenly as pos­si­ble or with slightly neg­a­tive splits (a faster sec­ond half). Use the watch only to know when to turn around and to com­pare times for each half of the run.

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