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Th­ese foods con­tain all nine es­sen­tial amino acids that are cru­cial for mus­cle health

CHIA SEEDS A com­plete plant pro­tein, con­tain­ing 3g pro­tein per ta­ble­spoon, th­ese are great mixed in with your yo­ghurt or por­ridge.

FISH One of the dens­est forms of pro­tein avail­able – 90g cooked cod pro­vides 19g pro­tein but con­tains a mere 89 calo­ries.

GREEK YO­GHURT Con­tains 17g pro­tein per 170g. It fur­ther aids re­cov­ery thanks to its leucine con­tent, which your mus­cles burn as fuel.

MEAT Choose lean meats: chicken breast, lean beef – or bison, if you can get it; 85g sir­loin steak pro­vides 24g pro­tein.

PRO­TEIN POW­DER When time is tight, mix pow­der into a smoothie. Choose brands with lit­tle sugar and few ad­di­tives.

SOYA BEANS Th­ese come in many forms, such as edamame, tem­peh and tofu; 80g shelled edamame beans con­tain 9g pro­tein.

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