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There’s a new su­per­food in town: pomegranates could keep you on the road for longer

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New re­search1 sug­gests pome­gran­ate could be the next su­per­food. The seedy fruit con­tains an abun­dance of el­lag­i­tan­nins, a type of polyphe­nol. These are con­verted in the gut into a com­pound called urolithin A (stay with us). This then re­cy­cles worn-out mi­to­chon­dria (our cells’ en­ergy-pro­duc­ing pow­er­houses), boost­ing mus­cle func­tion and pos­si­bly slow­ing age-re­lated de­cline in mus­cle mass. In the study, age­ing mice who were given pome­gran­ate-de­rived urolithin A had 42 per cent more en­durance in a run­ning test com­pared with a con­trol group. Opt for fresh fruit or cold-pressed juice, as the pas­teuri­sa­tion

2 process can lower the el­lag­i­tan­nin con­tent.

RED ALERT Pomegranates may boost your en­durance

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