Genes af­fect diet suc­cess There is no one diet for all

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Your genes may in­flu­ence what diet works best for you, say re­searchers from North Carolina State Univer­sity, US. They put mice to one of five di­ets – Western, Mediter­ranean, Ja­panese, Atkins or mouse food – and found that re­sponses var­ied widely within sub­ject groups. Some mice on the high-pro­tein Atkins diet de­vel­oped meta­bolic syn­drome while oth­ers re­mained healthy; and some be­came fat even when they ate healthy foods. Dr Wil­liam Bar­ring­ton, one of the re­search team, says a sim­i­lar di­verse re­sponse is ‘highly likely’ in hu­mans. The study sheds light on why a diet that worked for a friend or part­ner did noth­ing for you – so ex­plore al­ter­na­tives.

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