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Your quadri­ceps are the mus­cles at the front of the thighs. Stand tall and, keep­ing your knees together, take your right foot in your right hand, pulling it close to your bum.


Hip mo­bil­ity is vi­tal for ef­fi­cient run­ning. Take your right foot across your left thigh, let the knee drop out to the side and bend your left knee, tak­ing your hips back­wards and arms for­ward for balance.


Take a big step back with your right foot, bend­ing your left knee. Check your right foot is point­ing di­rectly for­wards and gen­tly press your heel into the ground, keep­ing your leg straight. Then take half a step for­ward with your right foot and bend your right knee to stretch the lower part of the calf.


These are the big mus­cles at the back of the thigh. Place one foot on a step or bench, di­rectly in front of your hip. Hinge for­ward from the hips over that leg, keep­ing your knee straight.

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