Does draft­ing be­hind another run­ner help?

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When you’re run­ning into a head­wind, draft­ing be­hind another run­ner is ben­e­fi­cial, as it lessens en­ergy cost by re­duc­ing air re­sis­tance. How­ever, when it’s calm, it only re­ally has an ef­fect if you’re run­ning faster than 7:00min/mile.

You have to be close be­hind to get an ad­van­tage – more than one me­tre and any help is sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced. This is also true if you’re not di­rectly be­hind. Run­ners also find draft­ing be­hind a run­ner helps them re­lax, as they don’t have to fo­cus on their own pace. There aren’t rules to pro­hibit draft­ing, but it may be seen as un­sport­ing if you stay close be­hind some­one for many miles in a road race. In gen­eral, it’s nice to share the pace­set­ting with oth­ers.

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