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Why you get a lot more from your miles if you move a lit­tle all day

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Turn work time into work­out time

SIT­TING KILLS. We’ve heard the mes­sage – but re­cent stud­ies sug­gest it’s not the whole truth. ‘Re­main­ing in a fixed po­si­tion for a long pe­riod is the health hazard,’ says chi­ro­prac­tor and physio AJ Gregg of the High Per­for­mance Sport Cen­ter in Ari­zona, US. The seated-in-a-chair po­si­tion is sim­ply where most of us spend that mo­tion­less time. And while run­ners may not think they are seden­tary, re­search shows we are parked al­most as much as our in­ac­tive pals – about nine hours a day.

‘ The body is meant to move,’ says Gregg. When you're mo­tion­less, the ham­strings, lower back mus­cles and hip flex­ors be­come tight, which can hin­der run­ning per­for­mance and leave you in­jured. Sit­ting al­lows your glutes to sleep, too. When that mus­cle group is un­der­utilised, you bring less power and sta­bil­ity into your runs, and you over­work smaller nearby mus­cles in ways that could lead to in­jury. Sit­ting also slows your cir­cu­la­tion and turns off fat burn­ers, up­ping your odds for heart dis­ease, can­cer and di­a­betes. Ready for some good news? There’s a sim­ple fix: ‘ By bring­ing more move­ment into your non-ex­er­cise time, you en­gage for­got­ten mus­cles and off­set those sit­ting ef­fects,’ says biomech­a­nist Katy Bow­man, au­thor of Move Your DNA (Pro­pri­o­met­rics Press). ‘ It doesn't have to be in­tense, it just has to change your ge­om­e­try.’

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