Wa­ter? Sports drink? Food? More food? Ad­vice on how best to re­fuel postrun can be con­fus­ing. This flow chart, based on the rec­om­men­da­tions from a new study, of­fers a bluffer’s guide

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To fuel or not to fuel

Wa­ter. Drink to thirst and be sure to in­clude a healthy source of pro­tein and car­bo­hy­drate in your next meal. If you have not worked too hard or run for too long you should not need food im­me­di­ately to get back on track.

A snack con­tain­ing around 50g of carbs and 20g of pro­tein within half an hour. TRY For Good­ness Shakes Choco­late Re­cov­ery Shake, or a 200g pot of nat­u­ral yoghurt with a ba­nana and a ta­ble­spoon of honey.

1g of carbs and 0.3-0.4g pro­tein per kg body weight im­me­di­ately, and ev­ery hour for the next three hours postrun. TRY* 1 serv­ing of Eli­var Re­cover drink mix and one pear, or a small tin of baked beans on two slices of multi­grain toast.

50g carbs, plus 0.3-0.4g pro­tein per kg body weight within half an hour and ev­ery two hours un­til your next meal­time. TRY One sa­chet of SIS GO En­ergy drink plus 200g pot of cot­tage cheese, or one bagel with 100g ham.

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