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Stand, sit or bal­ance on a ball? Ac­tu­ally, it’s best to al­ter­nate be­tween what­ever po­si­tions are avail­able, says Gregg. If you’re chair-bound, perch at the edge of your seat to roll your pelvis for­ward, or rest the an­kle of one leg on the top of the other thigh for a pir­i­formis stretch, says Bow­man. Set an app (such as Stand Up! The Work Break Timer) to re­mind you to take three-minute breaks ev­ery half an hour to do some desk stretches. Try ones that work your up­per body: arm and shoul­der strength and flex­i­bil­ity help pro­pel you for­ward as you run. ‘ Wall an­gels’ are good (align your back and the backs of your hands against a wall and move your arms in a snow-an­gel mo­tion), or you can put your hands on your desk and drop your chest for a tho­racic stretch. The bonus is that most col­leagues will leave you alone, as­sum­ing you are hav­ing a break­down.

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