He said WHAT?!

Just some of the abuse women have en­dured while run­ning

Runner's World (UK) - - Harassment -

‘Two men drove up be­hind me and slowed to my pace, say­ing,

and “If you don’t go faster you might as well stay at home and get fat.”’



‘I was fin­ish­ing a 19-mile run when a man shouted at me. I thought, “I’ve run all this way and you think I need your opin­ion on my ap­pear­ance?”’


‘I’ve had male car pas­sen­gers put their hands to their chests and move them up and down, as if to mimic a pair of breasts.’

‘Two teenage boys slowed their car down to my pace and started shout­ing, and just They fol­lowed me for about 10 min­utes, re­peat­ing the same things and get­ting more and more ag­i­tated the longer I ig­nored them.’ – VICTORIA STEARS, 28

‘A group of older, drunk men saw me and started call­ing out ev­ery step I took, say­ing They were com­ment­ing on the mo­tion of my chest as I moved’ – ANNA REVOLINSKY, 26

‘I was run­ning when I passed a cou­ple of guys work­ing out in a gar­den near the path. As I ran by, one yelled, and pointed down. I thought he was point­ing at a weight, but then I re­alised he was point­ing at his crotch.’ – AM­BER CARR, 28

Yelled at me on a fine sum­mer morn­ing. Yes, I had a shirt on.’ – MARY HAR­VEY, 35

‘A guy yelled, Then he started laugh­ing, like it was so funny.’ – RACHEL MCNARY, 35

Once, while out on a 20km run, I passed a chap who shouted, – CHAR­LIE HOOSON-SYKES, 38, MANCH­ESTER

– LUCY LINDLEY, 26, ‘On an af­ter­noon run in my lo­cal park, a man slapped the back of my head as I passed him.’

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