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Warm up for 10 mins, then run 20 mins at the fastest pace you could sus­tain for an hour. It should feel ‘com­fort­ably hard’. Cool down with 10 mins of easy run­ning. Ex­tend the du­ra­tion as your fit­ness im­proves.


After a warm-up do 2 x 10-min fast tempo runs, with a one-min re­cov­ery be­tween them. The re­cov­ery al­lows you to main­tain the qual­ity through­out.


Warm up for 10 mins, then do a 30min run. Start off at a pace about one min per mile slower than 10K pace, then speed up by 10-15 secs per mile ev­ery five mins so you’re run­ning at or just un­der 10K pace for the last five mins.

TEMPO 60/60

After a 10-min warm-up, run 15 mins at tempo pace, then 15 mins al­ter­nat­ing 60 secs hard and 60 secs at tempo pace. By the last one-min ef­fort you should be aim­ing to get near your max­i­mum heart rate. To re­duce the in­ten­sity, the al­ter­nat­ing part could con­sist of hard and easy – rather than tempo – ef­forts.

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