Yes, We Do Have Ba­nanas

Chef and marathon run­ner NATE APPLEMAN shares his favourite ways to cook with – and get the most from – the run­ners’ staple

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New ways with an old favourite

BA­NANAS, the go-to food for many run­ners, can boost the nu­tri­tional punch of any meal (they con­tain carbs and fi­bre and are a good source of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als). ‘ When I started get­ting se­ri­ous about run­ning, I gave up added sugar for two years and had ba­nanas mashed into por­ridge with al­mond but­ter nearly ev­ery morn­ing – it re­ally sus­tained me,’ says Appleman. Here are six novel ways to use the run­ners’ favourite fruit to de­liver max­i­mum taste and fuel your body.


Serves 2 Prawns add lean pro­tein and ex­tra potas­sium.

FOLD 8 medium-sized cooked prawns with 1/2 diced ripe av­o­cado, 1 diced firm ba­nana and 2 tbsp chopped red onion, and dress with 1 tbsp each lime juice and other fresh cit­rus juice, 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp chopped co­rian­der. For a kick, add finely chopped chill­ies or red pep­per flakes.


Serves 1 Re­fuel tired mus­cles with this pro­tein­rich snack.

TOP a slice of toasted whole­grain bread with 1 smashed ripe ba­nana, 30g thinly sliced pro­sciutto and 1 tbsp shaved pecorino cheese.


Serves 2 Pair with rice and black beans for pro­tein, fi­bre and a dash of Latin Amer­i­can flair.

SLICE 2 peeled firm ba­nanas, length­wise.

FRY in a pan in 1 tbsp but­ter over a medium heat un­til soft (roughly 3 to 4 min­utes).


(Not pic­tured) Serves 1 Tahini and honey add a twist to the clas­sic peanut but­ter and ba­nana combo.

TOP 1 slice whole­grain bread with 1/2 sliced ba­nana, 1 tsp honey and 1 tbsp tahini.


(Not pic­tured) Serves 4 This dessert is high in vi­ta­min C and heart-healthy fats.

HEAT oven to 230C.

PIERCE 3 whole ripe ba­nanas with the skin on, us­ing a fork.

PLACE on bak­ing sheet and roast un­til black and oozy (1520 min­utes). Let cool and re­move skin.

SLICE and serve with 250g Greek yo­ghurt, 30g toasted pecans and peeled seg­ments from 1 orange or blood orange and sprin­kle with 2 tsp brown sugar.


Serves 2 Boost your im­mune sys­tem with a big hit of an­tiox­i­dants.

SLICE and com­bine 1 ap­ple, orange, grapefruit, ba­nana and pear.

MIX 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp zest and 2 tsp maple syrup; driz­zle on fruit.

Toasted crusty bread with pro­sciutto In ad­di­tion to potas­sium, ba­nanas are a good source of vi­ta­mins C and B6, which helps your body process pro­tein. Shrimp ba­nana ce­viche Fruit salad A medium ba­nana has 105kcals, 422mg of potas­sium to aid mus­cles and 3g of fi­bre to speed di­ges­tion.

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