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It's a vi­cious cir­cle – time away from train­ing can pack on pounds, which in turn weigh down your ef­forts to hit the road again. Car­ry­ing more

body mass may slow your pace and make run­ning harder on joints, lig­a­ments and mus­cles. Ac­knowl­edge this, but don't dwell on it; in­stead, advises Li­zotte, view those ex­tra pounds as tem­po­rary and fo­cus on los­ing them. As you ramp back up, eat a diet full of nu­tri­en­trich foods such as fruit and veg, and do some run­ning on soft sur­faces (eg, grass) to re­duce im­pact. Also, mix in other crosstrain­ing ac­tiv­i­ties such as swim­ming and bik­ing, and strength­train reg­u­larly: in a re­cent 12-week study, par­tic­i­pants who com­bined car­dio and weights shed more fat than those who stuck with one type of ex­er­cise alone.

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