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Be­fore you buy, be sure you have room in your home. Here are five com­mon pit­falls to avoid WIRING

Do you have the right elec­tri­cal re­quire­ments? We rec­om­mend a ded­i­cated cir­cuit. Ev­ery model will re­spond bet­ter if it has more power.


Make sure you have 2-3ft clear be­hind you – you need room to fall off the tread­mill. The safety key doesn’t stop you fall­ing off; it stops the belt. Most ma­jor in­juries come from fall­ing back on a mov­ing tread­mill.


Make sure you have plenty of clear­ance and bear in mind that some mod­els have high plat­forms. Have some­body mea­sure you in the show­room at your max­i­mum in­cline.


If you plan to watch TV, be sure you can look over the con­sole at the TV. You’ll run in the di­rec­tion your head is fac­ing; if it’s turned to face a TV, you will run off your tread­mill.


Put it where you can clean un­der­neath. Static charges will shorten the life­span of the belt, so put it on a rub­ber sur­face, not car­pet. And clean un­der­neath it ev­ery six months – use a towel un­der the belt, too, to clear out de­bris.

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