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Fresh fruit is packed with vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants, so it adds far more than thirst-quench­ing flavour to a runner’s diet. Watermelon, cher­ries and grapes of­fer very spe­cific ben­e­fits.

Watermelon is rich in the amino acid cit­rulline, which the body con­verts into ni­tric ox­ide (crit­i­cal for im­prov­ing cir­cu­la­tion). One study found seven days’ in­take im­proved per­for­mance in high­in­ten­sity ex­er­cise.

Done a hard run? Pop some cher­ries in your mouth. ‘Cher­ries can help re­duce sore­ness and in­flam­ma­tion af­ter an in­tense work­out and speed up mus­cle re­cov­ery,’ says sports nu­tri­tion­ist Anita Bean. They also aid sleep.

Grapes are easy-to-di­gest en­ergy pow­er­houses, mak­ing them a great pre­run snack. A re­cent study found that drink­ing pur­ple grape juice for 28 days in­creased run­ners’ time to ex­haus­tion com­pared with a placebo.

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