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How Erik Valiente main­tains or­der and keeps his Black­listla run­ners safe


Speed­sters some­times sprint from street­light to street­light, but they al­ways wait for backof-the-pack­ers. ‘This is not a race, but an ex­pe­ri­ence around Los An­ge­les,’ says Valiente. ‘Ev­ery­one is pre­pared to stop if gaps start form­ing.’


Ev­ery­one shouts warn­ings about cars, un­even pave­ments and ap­proach­ing pedes­tri­ans.

Mov­ing to mu­sic

Ten ‘Pulsers’ are dis­persed through the crowd, car­ry­ing stereos that play reg­gae, hip-hop and rock mu­sic to keep run­ners on pace. ‘Pulsers keep you safe and lead the way,’ says Valiente. ‘If you hear mu­sic, you are close enough to some­one who knows what they're do­ing.’

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