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Steady, con­sis­tent run­ning will carry you across the fin­ish line of your first 5K. But if you can al­ready com­fort­ably com­plete an easy 5K, adding surges of speed will make a faster-than-usual pace come nat­u­rally on race day. Plus, mix­ing things up with a weekly speedy run adds fun to your train­ing rou­tine, says coach Re­bekah Mayer.

THE WORKOUT Try a fartlek run – the term means ‘speed play’ in Swedish. Af­ter a 10-minute warm-up, choose a land­mark be­tween 30 sec­onds and three min­utes ahead. Run at a com­fort­ably tough pace – you should be able to speak only a word or two at a time – un­til you reach it. Jog slowly for the same amount of time to re­cover. Re­peat for 10-15 min­utes be­fore a 10-minute cool-down.

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