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Fore­head Don’t frown or wrin­kle your fore­head, es­pe­cially the area be­tween the eyes. Eye sock­ets Avoid squint­ing or screw­ing up your eyes. (Sun­glasses can pro­tect against bright light, wind and dust.) Cheeks Let your cheeks be soft and loose. Lips Don’t purse your lips – let your

mouth hang slightly open. Jaw Re­lax your jaw and avoid clench­ing your teeth.

Neck Fo­cus on keep­ing the back of your neck long and relaxed.

It’s a rare run­ner who likes their ex­pres­sion in race pho­tos, but your fin­ish-line gri­mace could be mar­ring more than your man­tel­piece. ‘Ten­sion in the fa­cial mus­cles [there are more than 40 of them] can neg­a­tively af­fect your sense of ef­fort,’ says Jean-francois Har­vey, ki­ne­si­ol­o­gist and au­thor of Run Bet­ter (Grey­stone). ‘Mus­cles that are work­ing when they don’t have to also waste energy need­lessly.’ Har­vey rec­om­mends ‘scan­ning’ your face now and again dur­ing a run, fo­cus­ing on these ten­sion hotspots:

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