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Lewis keeps the pace fast but smooth. ‘ Run within your­self,’ he rec­om­mends. The tough parts are to come. How­ever, at his 2015 record, he shifted strat­egy. ‘ I de­cided from the gun I was just go­ing to go as hard as I could for as long as I could. It ended up turn­ing out well.’ Lewis checks his splits in the chug zone to en­sure he’s on pace. For newer com­peti­tors, he rec­om­mends slow­ing down slightly at the end of the first and sec­ond laps to catch your breath. ‘ You’d rather lose a sec­ond or two and be able to get the beer down in one go,’ he ex­plains. More and more, elite ath­letes such as Nick Sym­monds are try­ing their hand at the beer mile. Lewis might let them surge ahead early, but re­lies on his ex­pe­ri­ence: ‘ By the time they’re tak­ing 20 sec­onds on their third beer, I’ve gained 15 on them and they can’t run as fast,’ he says. Lewis aims to speed up each 100 me­tres. An all-out sprint too early might trig­ger a ‘ chun­der’, which car­ries a one-lap penalty. Thus far, he’s evaded the dreaded retch. ‘ By the last 100m, even if you’re feel­ing a lit­tle sick, you can usu­ally risk it and just ham­mer it home,’ he says.

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