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1. How well you land the hop.

• You should land ball of the foot first and roll through the foot.

• There should be a small amount of in­ter­nal roll of the foot, but it should be con­trolled and not a rapid col­lapse.

• The knee should stay over the mid­dle of the foot.

2. The noise should be a gen­tle thud, not a loud bang.

• The sound should re­flect the con­trolled de­cel­er­a­tion of the im­pact.

• A loud bang sug­gests there is lit­tle im­pact con­trol from the foot and calf mus­cles, and the forces will be trans­ferred ex­ces­sively to the foot struc­tures, such as lig­a­ments and bones.

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