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I’m de­lighted the Re­former has started its of­fi­cial ref­er­en­dum cov­er­age, as re­ported in last week’s pa­per. I look for­ward to healthy de­bate over the next few weeks as we move to­wards the ref­er­en­dum vote.

But I fear that will not be pos­si­ble due to the con­tin­u­ing bul­ly­ing, blus­ter and scare­mon­ger­ing from the se­ces­sion­ists who seem to have lost their grip on re­al­ity.

I con­sid­ered not even dig­ni­fy­ing their “se­cret oil­field” with a de­tailed re­sponse, as this is in the very depths of tin foil hat coun­try, ex­cept to say it ap­pears to be a se­cret known by the en­tire coun­try. Prob­a­bly be­cause David Cameron’s se­cret trip to Shet­land was un­cov­ered by... well, David Cameron, when he tweeted to his 740,000 fol­low­ers telling them he was in Shet­land. A ca­reer as the next James Bond clearly does not beckon for the Prime Min­is­ter.

I’m also not con­vinced any Gov­ern­ment would refuse the op­por­tu­nity to fi­nan­cially ben­e­fit from such an oil­field when it could help them win a Gen­eral Elec­tion in less than a year.

How­ever, this con­spir­acy, by virtue of its sheer lu­nacy, sim­ply pales in com­par­i­son to the out­right lies be­ing spouted re­gard­ing the NHS.

The SNP’s own web­site makes clear the NHS is com­pletely de­volved and can­not be touched by West­min­ster. What’s more, even if there are cuts to the block grant in the com­ing years, the Scot­land (2012) Act gives Holy­rood the pow­ers needed to make up the short­fall. Per­haps if the SNP are so wor­ried about future fund­ing we can also look at the lu­di­crous sit­u­a­tion where ev­ery­one gets free pre­scrip­tions re­gard­less of in­come. Surely peo­ple who can af­ford to pay should pay? Is that not part of the what the se­ces­sion­ists deem a fairer so­ci­ety?

What’s more, any cuts to the NHS bud­get within the UK will pale in com­par­i­son to the cuts needed in an iS­cot­land.

Se­condly, the idea the NHS will ever be pri­va­tised is the worst kind of scare­mon­ger­ing. No po­lit­i­cal party in the UK with any am­bi­tions of ever be­ing elected to power would con­sider it, for to do so would be to make your­self un­electable for gen­er­a­tions. I doubt even the much feared Boris John­son/UKIP coali­tion would con­sider it, al­though with their grand to­tal of zero West­min­ster seats between them, I think we can safely as­sume this won’t be hap­pen­ing.

Make no mis­take - the Yes campaign are be­ing dis­hon­est in a des­per­ate at­tempt to win votes. The polls are against them and Alex Sal­mond’s de­feat in the re­cent tele­vised de­bate has shown up the paucity of their ar­gu­ments.

Since the re­cent tele­vised de­bate, the worst ex­cesses of na­tion­al­ism have shot to the sur­face. In a re­cent ar­ti­cle, Pat Kane con­firmed he doesn’t care about democ­racy.

Like most se­ces­sion­ists, the only opin­ion he is in­ter­ested in is his own and those who agree with him.

We’ve had the de­spi­ca­ble tac­tic of na­tion­al­ists ly­ing about be­ing knocked back from the tele­vised de­bate. On each oc­ca­sion, the (made up) ex­pe­ri­ence de­scribed, as well as the words used, are iden­ti­cal. They must think the vot­ers but­ton up the back.

On­line, I’ve seen de­scrip­tions of No vot­ers that would rightly land you in jail if di­rected at an­other race or reli­gion. I even seen one nasty piece of work sug­gest those who backed the Let’s Stay To­gether campaign were sex of­fend­ers. This is all for having a dif­fer­ent opin­ion. Is this what the Nat’s mean by “pos­i­tive cam­paign­ing”?

The full face of Scot­tish Na­tion­al­ism has been laid bare - it is nasty, vin­dic­tive, racist and big­oted.

Thank­fully, it’s not all been bad news. The re­cent Com­mon­wealth Games showed Scot­land can flour­ish as a ma­ture, pos­i­tive na­tion within our fam­ily of na­tions while also re­tain­ing our place in the Union.

So I’d urge any un­de­cided voter to do what is best for Scot­land and vote to re­main united and I’d also urge all No vot­ers to make sure they make their voice heard as com­pla­cency is our great­est en­emy. John Maxwell, By email.

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