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In re­ply to Mr A D Mof­fat’s let­ter of De­cem­ber 3, I will pick up on the salient points of (1)“the Vow be­ing kept” and (2)“I know I have not an­swered all your ques­tions Mr. Starrs, nor do I see it as my place to do so.”

I do not re­call ask­ing you any ques­tions Mr Mof­fat and you are per­fectly cor­rect in stat­ing that it is not your place to an­swer ques­tions I did not ad­dress to you.

I do re­call ask­ing Labour’s Mr Kelly and Mr Greatrex, Labour’s MSP and MP, what the Labour Party mem­ber­ship num­bers are na­tion­ally. My rea­son for ask­ing in this post ref­er­en­dum pe­riod where all par­ties in the Yes move­ment were re­port­ing mas­sive mem­ber­ship gains, the two gen­tle­men who were claim­ing vic­tory for Labour and the union were silent. It does not sur­prise me that their si­lence con­tin­ues. Labour’s mem­ber­ship num­bers em­bar­rass them and so they should.

With re­gards to“the Vow” be­ing kept and a new leader for the Scot­tish branch as the in­gre­di­ents to win at Holy­rood in 2016 I will say this. Since the hypocrisy of the“Vow”has been ex­posed, the polls in­di­cate that if there was another ref­er­en­dum to­mor­row Scot­land would vote for in­de­pen­dence.

Do you re­ally think, Mr Mof­fat, that peo­ple’s mem­o­ries are so short that they will for­get that the Labour Party got into bed with the blue To­ries in or­der to pro­tect their own self in­ter­est? That the last leader of the Scot­tish branch proudly posed for her photo out­side Asda as the Asda bosses threat­ened the Scot­tish peo­ple with price rises if they dared to vote for in­de­pen­dence.

The list and tac­tics of the fear strat­egy em­ployed by Labour goes on and on. It was noth­ing short of de­spi­ca­ble be­hav­iour from de­spi­ca­ble peo­ple.

The party you rep­re­sent in th­ese cor­re­spon­dence has re­spect for noth­ing other than power. Or as the late Jimmy Reid put it,“Power with­out Prin­ci­ple”As I said in a pre­vi­ously let­ter, Mr Mof­fat,“The writ­ing’s on the wall”. John Starrs, By email. Re­gard­ing the McDon­ald’s story, whilst it is good news that 65 jobs are com­ing to the Ruther­glen area, I won­der why McDon­ald’s feel the need to stub Scot­tish qual­i­fi­ca­tions in their of­fer to new em­ploy­ees.

Foun­da­tion De­grees are not awarded in Scot­land, so will the Ruther­glen em­ploy­ees have to travel to Eng­land?

It sounds very much like McDon­ald’s will be of­fer­ing their Ruther­glen em­ploy­ees the English Ap­pren­tice­ship given the ref­er­ence to “na­tion­ally recog­nised qual­i­fi­ca­tions in­clud­ing adult cer­tifi­cates in Maths and English”.

With the English Ap­pren­tice­ship, all can­di­dates un­der­tak­ing the Ap­pren­tice­ship have to have ei­ther GCSE in English and Maths or I would just like to say that the dog war­dens should be out and about more in cen­tral Ruther­glen area, there is dog mess left on pave­ments near schools and parks.

I think they should be mon­i­tor­ing this more fre­quently as I have wit­nessed my­self dog own­ers not pick­ing up after their dog and its dis­gust­ing.

As a com­mu­nity coun­cil­lor Foun­da­tion Skills in English and Maths if they do not al­ready have a GCSE in English and Maths. There is no recog­ni­tion of Scot­tish equiv­a­lents e.g. the old Stan­dard Grades or the new Na­tional 5s.

Thus if some­one lo­cally is re­cruited and they al­ready have Stan­dard Grades in Maths and English (or even Highers!) and they un­der­take the English Ap­pren­tice­ship no recog­ni­tion is given for their achieve­ment and they will most likely have to un­der­take the Foun­da­tion Skills.

Per­haps you should be ask­ing McDon­ald’s why it isn’t pre­pared to of­fer Scot­tish peo­ple the op­por­tu­nity to un­der­take the Scot­tish Mod­ern Ap­pren­tice­ship! George Brown, Via email. in Ruther­glen, I am con­cerned about this is­sue as it is hap­pen­ing near schools and peo­ple houses and in pub­lic parks.

It is a health haz­ard for kids if they slip on it, and also it is not a very nice sight to see.

Please have this is­sue dealt with. Barry Cathie Com­mu­nity Coun­cil­lor (Ruther­glen).

The Ruther­glen man who helped or­gan­ise Nel­son Man­dela’s visit to Glas­gow in 1993 de­scribed the late South African pres­i­dent as“one of the truly in­spi­ra­tional fig­ures of the 20th cen­tury.”

Rev Stu­art McQuar­rie (60) worked along­side Brian Filling of An­ti­A­partheid Scot­land to bring Man­dela to Scot­land 20 years pre­vi­ously.

Like mil­lions of peo­ple around the world, Stu­art was sad­dened to hear of Man­dela’s death the pre­vi­ous week at the age of 95.

And he paid trib­ute to the man who spent 27 years in prison but helped bring down the racist apartheid sys­tem in South Africa.

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