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I couldn’t help but no­tice the in­ten­tion of a road, to by­pass Blair­beth, Fern­hill and Cathkin.

Nor can I un­der­stand why any­one should be against this idea be­cause this road is in­tended to cut through a piece of waste ground which is over rid­den by weeds, shrubs and not even fit to walk a dog, the in­ten­tion of this is to by­pass, built-up ar­eas, thus mak­ing them safer for school chil­dren and pedes­tri­ans alike. There is too much traf­fic run­ning through th­ese ar­eas and there­fore have to be stream­lined

This de­bate was in force in the mid -1960s as I lived at St Stephens Av­enue with my par­ents at the time, In the space of fifty years the flow of traf­fic has quadru­pled by a stag­ger­ing amount - this road needs to be up­graded to take into ac­count the in­crease of traf­fic, it’s as sim­ple as that!

This re­minds me of the 40 plus years it took to start the M74 miss­ing link, just look at it now, quick ac­cess to and from the South­ern Gen­eral, the air­port and the high­lands. Then there was the anger of up-grad­ing the M77 - peo­ple were camp­ing in trees in a bid of protest to pro­tect the so-called wildlife.

But look at it now - smooth flow­ing traf­fic to Sil­ver­burn and Ayr­shire.

For those who can re­mem­ber when the M6 stopped at Scot­land, as they said it wasn’t nec­es­sary to build a mo­tor­way north into Scot­land, after years of de­bate, look at it now, who would want to drive to Carlisle with­out the M74?

It’s only by up-grad­ing that we keep up to date with the times as this is what the Cathkin Re­lief Road is all about… keep­ing up to date with the times. Ron­nie Cot­ter­ill, By email.

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