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Christ­mas is com­ing, and it may not just be the goose that’s get­ting fat.

It’s the eas­i­est thing in the world, to overindulge with rich foods and drink too much, dur­ing the fes­tive sea­son.

But Ruther­glen fit­ness ex­pert Pamela McCrory has com­piled some use­ful hints and tips on how to eat, drink and be merry, with­out suf­fer­ing too much af­ter­wards.

Pamela said: “We know that the fes­tive sea­son in­volves a lot of food and drink so I’ve put to­gether my top three tips on how to cope with such a change in your eat­ing and drink­ing habits when it can’t be helped. If you can do th­ese three sim­ple things through­out De­cem­ber then you’ll be onto a win­ner come Jan­uary.

“We all love to eat and drink our way through the fes­tive pe­riod be­cause it’s the so­cia­ble thing to do and we just love it. There’s noth­ing wrong with that at all but for some, we like to stay on track, just a lit­tle, to stay in con­trol. Sim­ply in­cor­po­rate th­ese points to as much of the month as you can and Jan­uary won’t feel so bad.” Keep mid-week as nor­mal as pos­si­ble – take con­trol of the meals you can

Pamela said: “If all of your so­cial­is­ing takes place at the week­end then mid­week will be a breeze. You can stick to your meal plans and food prepa­ra­tion no prob­lem. Stick to your pro­te­in­fu­elled break­fast to keep you go­ing un­til lunch time, take your lunch with you to work and keep your wa­ter in­take high.

“Whether it’s left overs or you spe­cially pre­pare your lunches, keep­ing them on track, along with break­fast will give you two out of three meals un­der your con­trol. If you do have a meal out for din­ner then, so what?

“The other two meals of the day have been taken care of. If you’re not out for din­ner then keep this on track too, even bet­ter. If you snack, keep th­ese healthy, high in pro­tein and avoid the pro­cessed food­stuffs that are too easy to reach for and ‘good­ies’ that are kindly handed into your work­place.” Choose your tip­ple wisely

Pam said: “We have to talk about al­co­hol. My big­gest tip would be to choose wisely when to drink; you don’t need to drink at ev­ery so­cial event, you just think you do. Choose what events you want to have a few drinks at; re­mem­ber the new, lower drink driv­ing limit has come into place in Scot­land too, so is it re­ally worth even the one drink at this time of year?

“If you are drink­ing, choos­ing drinks that aren’t high in calo­ries will help; spir­its and soda with lime/le­mon slices is about the low­est calo­rie you can get. Co­pi­ous amount of wine, fizzy mix­ers, fruit juices in cock­tails, beer and lager will just rack up the calo­rie in­take. And give you that hor­ri­ble hang­over the next day. Think low sugar/caf­feine for your drinks.” Eat be­fore you meet

Pam said: “If you can do one thing, you can do this; this will make the world of dif­fer­ence. Ob­vi­ously fes­tive nights out tend to re­volve around a group meal, which is fine, but there will be lots of other nights that you can eat first, be­fore meet­ing with friends/fam­ily.

“Firstly, this will line your stom­ach be­fore drink­ing so you’ll be less likely to get drunk so quickly and feel rough the next day. Se­condly, it means you con­trol what you’re eat­ing; this is es­pe­cially help­ful if it’s a buf­fet or you’re just go­ing to ‘grab some­thing’ through­out the night be­cause, more of­ten than not, that will be a ke­bab on the way home at 3.30am. Thirdly, you can save a packet do­ing this at this time of year.

“There you have it - three sim­ple ways you can take con­trol over the fes­tive sea­son so that your Jan­uary come­back isn’t such a long, hard slog.”

Pamela has worked in the fit­ness in­dus­try since 2000 and have cov­ered var­i­ous jobs in­clud­ing gym in­struc­tor, fit­ness man­ager, group ex­er­cise man­ager and free­lance in­struc­tor. She spent two years in Dubai as a per­sonal trainer and group ex­er­cise in­struc­tor and gained a BSc Hon­ours in Nu­tri­tion in Ed­in­burgh. Visit www. flaun­tit­fit­nes­


Drink­ing wine and beer isn’t the best op­tion if you’re look­ing for al­co­hol


Foods high in pro­tein are a good op­tion at this time of year, like chicken and pasta

Some good ad­vice Ruther­glen’s Pamela McCrory

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