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James Kelly’s de­scrip­tion of him­self as sup­port­ing “cuts to in­equal­ity, not pub­lic ser­vices” is a to­tal joke. Is he un­aware that Ed Miliband was plas­tered all over the pa­pers brag­ging about the mas­sive pub­lic spend­ing cuts that Labour are com­mit­ted to should peo­ple be daft enough to put them into power?

Maybe it by-passed Mr Kelly, but a lot of his con­stituents will have no­ticed the dif­fer­ence be­tween the re­al­ity of Labour pol­icy and Mr Kelly’s delu­sions.

As to his fawn­ing over Gor­don Brown fol­low­ing the lat­ter’s an­nounce­ment that he will not seek re-elec­tion to West­min­ster, it was frankly sick­en­ing in its lack of hon­esty. Brown left a legacy of “pur­su­ing so­cial jus­tice”? The truth is that the gap be­tween rich and poor in­creased after Labour’s 13 years in power. As to Brown pre­vent­ing a de­pres­sion, Mr Kelly must have for­got­ten that Brown was Chan­cel­lor dur­ing the credit bub­ble that led to the crash that Mr Kelly reck­ons he saved us all from. “Asleep at the wheel” would be an un­der­state­ment, and it is the work­ing class that has been pay­ing the price of the aus­ter­ity that Labour will con­tinue to im­pose if given the chance. Don’t worry though: the cap­i­tal­ist class that Brown saved are do­ing just fine. Brown and Labour leave a legacy of fail­ing to pur­sue, far less achiev­ing so­cial jus­tice.

Mr Kelly was right on one is­sue though: Brown’s dis­gust­ing in­ter­ven­tions in the ref­er­en­dum de­bate doubt­less swayed a num­ber of peo­ple to vote No. How­ever, this could only be achieved by Brown be­ing al­lowed to lie with­out con­fronta­tion or ques­tion by main­stream print or broad­cast me­dia. Brown’s re­peated as­ser­tions that peo­ple would be de­nied or­gan do­na­tions across the bor­der (re­futed by the NHS or­gan­i­sa­tion which co­or­di­nates this) was pos­si­bly the most dis­gust­ing ex­am­ple of the depths which Union­ist politi­cians were will­ing to plumb dur­ing the ref­er­en­dum cam­paign. Peo­ple such as James Kelly how­ever, seem happy to pre­tend it never hap­pened.

Brown’s lies over the econ­omy were also un­par­al­leled and he can be seen in full blown ly­ing ac­tion on a youtube video up­loaded by his col­league Alex Row­ley MSP. Row­ley laugh­ably refers to the non­sense spouted by Brown as “ev­i­dence based” ( watch?v=Qy1GS5be­wpg). The fact that in the video Brown can’t even add up some sim­ple fig­ures (ap­par­ently 9+22+6+11=40) might give a hint as to why he was such an appalling mis­man­ager of the UK econ­omy.

Labour have proven them­selves to be the most shame­less liars in Scot­tish pol­i­tics: no lie is too big when Labour ca­reerists are in pur­suit of their own power and po­si­tion. Brown just showed him­self to be a con­tender for the big­gest of them all. Is it any won­der that when Labour tried to do some cam­paign­ing in Ruther­glen a month or so ago, the only peo­ple they could get on the streets were an MP, an MSP, three coun­cil­lors and a soli­tary “non-pay­roll” mem­ber?

Labour’s cred­i­bil­ity is sub-zero and hav­ing elected a new “leader” of the Scot­tish branch of­fice who thinks we should for­get ev­ery­thing he ever did and pre­tend that he has al­ways been a so­cial­ist even when he clearly never has been, I’m not sure that their cred­i­bil­ity rat­ing is likely to rise in the near fu­ture. David Steven­son, 47 Cairns Road, Cam­bus­lang.

Cuts James Kelly MSP voiced his op­po­si­tion to cuts in­equal­ity, not pub­lic ser­vices

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