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Rutherglen Reformer - - Election Countdown -

Alas­tair Whitelaw

There are five vi­tal is­sues in this elec­tion.

Equal­ity not poverty: The coali­tion’s aus­ter­ity pol­icy in re­al­ity means aus­ter­ity for the poor­est and weak­est in so­ci­ety and tax cuts for the rich, as the es­ca­la­tion in food­bank use shows. The Greens want a £10 per hour min­i­mum wage; a cit­i­zens’ in­come scheme; and fair, re­dis­tribu­tive tax­a­tion with a crack­down on tax avoid­ance.

Pu b l i c ser­vices in public hands: We sup­port re­na­tion­al­is­ing the rail­ways and util­i­ties. It’s vi­tal the NHS be saved from pri­vati­sa­tion. Con­tract­ing ser­vices out means public money go­ing to pri­vate profit. We will re­sist the cor­po­rate power grab.

Power to com­mu­ni­ties: This elec­tion will show up the short­com­ings of our elec­toral sys­tem. We need pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion for all elec­tions, and an elected House of Lords. We sup­port ex­tended de­vo­lu­tion to Scot­land and im­por­tantly, stronger lo­cal gov­ern­ment. All other par­ties are deeply cen­tral­ist.

Ac­tion on cli­mate change: West­min­ster and Holy­rood have a dis­grace­ful record here and other par­ties re­fused even to ad­dress the en­vi­ron­ment in this elec­tion. We must in­vest ur­gently in re­new­able en­ergy, home in­su­la­tion and im­proved public trans­port (in 30-50 years a pri­vate car will be an un­be­liev­able luxury). Scot­land’s econ­omy is over­re­liant on oil and we for years have been point­ing out the need to di­ver­sify both the econ­omy and en­ergy pro­duc­tion.

Peace and dis­ar­ma­ment : The Greens are to­tally op­posed to nu­clear weapons and to Tri­dent re­newal. We would re­duce mil­i­tary spend­ing and leave NATO since it is a nu­clear club. This also means “de-mil­i­taris­ing” the econ­omy so that public money can be spent more con­struc­tively. We strongly sup­port peace-keep­ing via the United Na­tions and in­ter­na­tional hu­man­i­tar­ian ef­fort.

A vote for me is a vote for a fair and hu­mane so­ci­ety and for main­tain­ing qual­ity of life in a hab­it­able world for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.

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