Rutherglen Reformer - - Election Countdown -

Brian Smith

I am stand­ing in the Glas­gow South seat to en­sure that a strong case is made for no cuts to our public ser­vices and wel­fare benefits, and for a re­ver­sal of the poverty peo­ple in work are be­ing driven into through real wage cuts and part time, tem­po­rary em­ploy­ment. I be­lieve that politi­cians should stand on the side of the 99 per cent by re­fus­ing to im­ple­ment the aus­ter­ity plans of the main par­ties and raise the need for a new so­ci­ety based on the ideas of demo­cratic so­cial­ism.

There is, of course, plenty of wealth around – it is just in the wrong hands. We should there­fore mas­sively in­crease tax on the su­per-rich. We should bring into public own­er­ship the en­ergy com­pa­nies, North Sea oil and gas, the big drug com­pa­nies and the banks. Th­ese mas­sive re­sources should then be used to cre­ate de­cent jobs for our young peo­ple, bet­ter health and so­cial care ser­vices and an en­vi­ron­men­tally sus­tain­able econ­omy. Ed­u­ca­tion should be free for all, with no-one

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