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A heart­bro­ken dad was plead­ing for his for­mer part­ner to let him speak to his son who he hadn’t seen for nearly a year.

Nabeel Ar­shad, orig­i­nally from Cam­bus­lang, was left dev­as­tated af­ter Laura Sem­ple, from Ruther­glen, started a new life in Turkey with eight-year-old Lo­gan Ar­shad in July 2013.

The des­per­ate dad con­tacted the For­eign Of­fice and the po­lice, but was told no crime had been com­mit­ted.

There was joy for King’s Park man Brian Easton, as he won the Scot­tish Cup with St Johnstone, as the Saints de­feated Dundee United at Ham­p­den - just a stone’s throw from where he grew up. Our top five sto­ries on­line last week were: 1. Fam­i­lies gas es­cape 2. Par­ents paedo fear 3. For­mer MP on why Labour lost 4. Nurs­ery set to close 5. New MP ready for work Af­ter Mar­garet Ferrier’s elec­tion victory for the SNP in Ruther­glen and Hamil­ton West, we asked what her pri­or­i­ties should be.

Here’s what you had to say: “Re­gen­er­a­tion in Springhall, Ruther­glen and scrap­ping the Cathkin re­lief road.” - Jan­ice Dunn (via Face­book)

“For me it has to be the scrap­ping of the Cathkin Re­lief Road.” - Michael El­liot (via Face­book)

“Scrap­ping the Cathkin Re­lief Road. The only real Greenspace left in the area for peo­ple of all ages to en­joy.” - Suzanne Ross (via Face­book)

“Cathkin Re­lief Road for me too. I can hon­estly say it is the big­gest is­sue in my life just now.” - Jacqueline McEwan (via Face­book)

“Keep­ing the only green space in the high burn­side, fern­hill, Blair­Beth area by scrap­ping plans for the cathkin re­lief road. Spend­ing al­most £22 mil­lion on more needy causes.” - Christine El­liot (via Face­book)

“Scrap­ping the Cathkin Re­lief Road and al­low­ing the com­mu­nity to use it the way it is in­tended for kids to play, peo­ple to walk there dogs and com­mu­ni­ties to come to­gether in­stead of spend­ing £22m on a road that will seg­re­gate a com­mu­nity.” - Michelle Fer­gu­son Scul­lion (via Face­book)

“Scrap­ping the catkin re­lief road xx keep our green space” - Betty Davies (via Face­book)

“Def­i­nitely scrap­ping the plan for the Cathkin re­lief road in or­der to main­tain our greenspace so our com­mu­ni­ties “up the hill” have an ac­ces­si­ble, safe and open area. Lo­cal kids play freely here, many from the com­mu­nity walk their dogs and can al­low them off the lead, it’s the route for many peo­ple’s daily ex­er­cise route be it walk­ing/jog­ging or cy­cling. It is also a safe route for many lo­cal chil­dren here to ac­cess school. The road will take all this away and divide our com­mu­ni­ties!” - Gill Gowran (via Face­book)

“I would say the op­po­site. Have you walked or driven along Fern­hill Road or blair­beth road re­cently. Both roads are over used and danger­ous. Fern­hill Road is not wide enough for the vol­ume of traf­fic it takes.” - Ni­cola McCormick (via Face­book)

“Sup­port the cam­paign to scrap Cathkin re­lief road.” - Su­san Mc (via Face­book) There was also re­ac­tion to Tom Greatrex los­ing his seat and where things had gone wrong for Labour:

“Be­cause a) they were ar­ro­gant enough and com­pla­cent in the be­lief that they were in­vin­ci­ble in a tra­di­tional Labour heart­land. b) They for­got that it was only a few months be­fore, in the run up to the ref­er­en­dum, they were in bed with the Tories in the Bit­ter To­gether cam­paign. c) They had a buf­foon of a man lead­ing their party in Scot­land. d) Mar­garet Ferrier and her sup­port­ers mounted a cam­paign that un­der­lined that the wel­fare of the Scot­tish peo­ple was high­est on their agenda.” - Mur­ray A. Nix (via Face­book)

“For years Labour has ig­nored many ar­eas of Scot­land as­sum­ing that they would just get back in. Even now they are talk­ing in terms of the elec­torate be­trayed them not will­ing to ad­mit that they did not do their job. They are do­ing ev­ery­thing but look­ing at them­selves. Their leader in Scot­land was al­ways go­ing to be a prob­lem, he was so in­volved in the ref­er­en­dum cam­paign, and was ex­tremely neg­a­tive about any­one not vot­ing no, did he hon­estly think peo­ple would for­get that.” - Elaine Ni­col (via Face­book)

“For me per­son­ally, I voted on lo­cal is­sues as I be­lieved my vote would have no bear­ing on the out­come na­tion­ally, and Mr Greatrex let me down when he failed to come out fully in sup­port of the cam­paign against the Cathkin Re­lief Road. I wanted an MP who would give their all to the cam­paign to fight the road and be­lieve Ms ferrier when she says she will.” - Jacqueline McEwan (via Face­book)

“Mar­garet Ferrier will never have the ex­pe­ri­ence that Tom Grea­tex has, She Will be like a mup­pet to Stur­geon and do as she is told like the rest of them” - Mar­garet Brown (via Face­book)

“Such a shame Tom lost even SNP mem­bers said he was a great MP.” - Name (via Twit­ter)

“It was an ab­so­lute priv­i­lege to work for @ tomj­greatrex - his com­ments in @Ruglen­Re­former are worth read­ing.” - Mon­ica Len­non (via Twit­ter) Fi­nally, read­ers couldn’t be­lieve our story about the Springhall fam­ily who could have been killed with thieves tried to steal their gas pipes:

“That’s ab­so­lute

aw­ful, some ex­tremely stupid low lives out there. Glad the fam­ily are ok.” - Catherine Smith (via Face­book)

“Omg how lucky the fam­ily was. Doesn’t bear think­ing about what could have hsp­pened.” - Kerry Coyne (via Face­book)

“That hap­pened to mine aswell i stay in springhall .. Its a daft place to put pipes right be­low a kitchen win­dow .. But thank god the fam­ily is safe x” - Lor­raine Cairney (via Face­book)

“I could hv lost Jamie, Kerry Ann and my two beau­ti­ful grand­daugh­ter­sxx what would they hv got for that cop­per?? Next to noth­ing!!! Kerry Ann is ter­ri­fied living there now. None of us can sleep. Bet they thugs are sleep­ing ok though” - Grace Wright (via Face­book)

“It just doesn’t bear think­ing about what would have hap­pened. X” - Anne Fer­gu­son (via Face­book)

“The whole block could have gone up. Bloody id­iots putting ev­ery­one in dan­ger for a cou­ple of pound” - Rochelle Feeney (via Face­book)

Go to www.face­book.com/ Ruther­glen­Re­former or www. twit­ter.com/Ruglen­Re­former and get in­volved in the de­bate. I quite like watch­ing it when it’s on. I think it’s bor­ing, I haven’t re­ally liked any of the acts for the past few years. “I don’t watch it be­cause it’s rub­bish.

Op­po­si­tion Re­lief Road

Read­ers are ob­ject­ing strongly to the Cathkin

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