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“We mus t ac­cept fi­nite dis­ap­point­ment, but never lose in­fi­nite hope” said Martin Luther King, who fifty years ago marched across the Ed­mund Pet­tus Bridge in sup­port of vot­ing rights for African Amer­i­cans, and into the billy clubs and tear gas of the Alabama State Troop­ers.

Hope is like this gi­ant coura­geous dare in the face of enor­mous ad­ver­sity. Those who suf­fer lit­tle, who sur­round life with com­fort will never know the power of gi­gan­tic hope. It is those who suf­fer who hold to the big­gest hope.

You see, you can numb your pain, you can run from it, you can put it onto oth­ers and be trapped in the story of how other’s are to blame (which is not say that oth­ers aren’t highly re­spon­si­ble, it’s just that we can’t get trapped in that story), you can keep try­ing to for­get how much your hurt­ing; but dulling your pain risks too much – be­cause with it you dull your hope, and who you were made to be.

But that seems not be the Way to live in a uni­verse held to­gether by the God of all hope, the Je­sus of empty tombs and res­ur­rected bod­ies, where the Spirit of God, the wind of God, blows into ev­ery dark­ened cor­ner of the uni­verse and says “even here there can be hope”.

Hope is get­ting off the floor when your knees are skinned and your mouth is parched, hope is not giv­ing up on the child whom some­times you hate with a fury you never knew you had, hope is to be­lieve that you were made for love and com­pas­sion and bless­ing, when oth­ers thought you were only a waste of skin and space. Hope is for our com­mu­nity, too of­ten afraid of each other, but hope says we were made to our neigh­bours as we love our­selves.

So walk this week your Ed­mund Pet­tus bridge, into the teeth of those who would bring you down, and dis­cover that even in your weak­ness, even in the arms of God, that hope, true hope, deep hope, is never wasted. Rev Neil Glover, Flem­ing­ton Hall­side Church.

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