R:evlove Cloth­ing - Up-cy­cled T-shirt Scarves

Rutherglen Reformer - - Bike Week 2015 -

R:evolve cloth­ing is a brand new project, funded by the Cli­mate Chal­lenge Fund, which re­cy­cles and up-cy­cles old cloth­ing.

We are get­ting ready to launch a swap shop on Farm­loan Road in Ruther­glen on Fri­day, June 12, so please pop in with all your un­wanted items and swap them for some­thing nearly new!

Ev­ery month we will be giv­ing you a step by step guide to cre­at­ing some­thing fan­tas­tic with your old clothes.

This week we will show you how to cre­ate a stylish scarf from an old t-shirt! All you need is some sharp scis­sors, a rule and pen, and an old t-shirt. (20 Minute Project)

1. Cut your t-shirt from armpit to armpit length­wise and dis­pose of the top part of your t-shirt (the part with the sleeves).

Take your tube (the body part of the t-shirt) and cut the bot­tom hem off so you’re left with a tube that has two un-hemmed edges.

2. Cut 3/4inch to 1inch wide strips from one looped end to the other, leav­ing around 1inch un­cut at the top and bot­tom.

3. Once you have all your strips cut pull on each length to stretch them out and get them to curl.

4. Gather all of your strips to­gether at the un-cut sec­tion so you have them all to­gether in a loop – it should look like a looped scarf at this point.

5. Tie up your un­cut sec­tion us­ing what­ever you want: a piece of leather, rib­bon, an­other piece of t-shirt, etc.

6. If you’re feel­ing in­spired you could add some snazz to your scarf by hot-glu­ing on some jew­ellery, beads, chain, but­tons, etc where you have tied it up or cut three strips and braid them to­gether and then tie them back into the scarf so you have one braided length).

Please share your cre­ations on Twit­ter @re­volvere­cy­cle or face­book with the hash­tag #re­volve­up­cy­cle or find out more about the R: evolve Re­cy­cle project on 0141 641 5169.

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