Cross­ing road will be an OAP haz­ard

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I had the plea­sure of spend­ing my child­hood in Blair­beth. To be pre­cise, in Hill­head Av­enue, when you came out of the close and hopped over the back fence.

You were in a dif­fer­ent world, one where a child’s imag­i­na­tion trans­ported you to a land of pi­rates, cow­boys and knights in their cas­tles - un­til, that is, men came to cut down trees and fill our lit­tle val­ley in and made it flat for the com­ing of the road to the new town of East Kil­bride.

We were then un­der strict or­ders not to play there as it was danger­ous, and so it proved to be. Some 20 years later a sign went up say­ing that the EU was giv­ing the coun­cil money to plant trees, so what hap­pened to the trees where we all played as youths?

At least it will keep the traf­fic away from my mates who played - but are now OAP s and a bit slow when try­ing to cross this still-busy road.

So whilst on the sub­ject of the re­lief road, isn’t it just typ­i­cal that our lo­cal Lib­eral Demo­crat (Mr Brown) has al­ways sup­ported it be­ing built, he says.

How­ever he would like it noted that all ma­jor works such as this have pros and cons. Read: I like to cover all bases, as a Lib­eral I must be able to jump in any di­rec­tion that will get me a ride in a limo.

Then we have Andy Mof­fat, the scion of one of the lead­ing Labour fam­i­lies in the Burgh, as­sur­ing us that he re­ally likes all of us no mat­ter how de­luded we are in want­ing in­de­pen­dence .

Haven’t the Labour Party spent the last hun­dred years telling us how lucky we are that come the hour comes the man; women ap­par­ently can’t cut the mus­tard in the sav­ing the fam­ily stakes; in the six­ties we were staunch Union­ists, if my mem­ory serves me!

Now the estab­lish­ment has to frighten us with Home Rule means we would have to run our coun­try on our own. I ob­vi­ously missed the chap­ter in the his­tory book where we were run­ning the Bri­tish Em­pire. Harry Hay, By email.

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