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I had a sig­nif­i­cant birth­day this year.

Well that’s what every­body told me it was, does be­ing a whole year older than last year made this year sig­nif­i­cant?

It was fun and I en­joy it. A fancy meal, lovely cake ( not one from the su­per­mar­ket) and lovely cards and presents. So turn­ing 50-years-old was not bad at all.

But as of sig­nif­i­cant, I’m not so sure.

I know peo­ple who are in their 90s and I have two mem­bers of my con­gre­ga­tion who were 100-years-old at the be­gin­ning of the year and an­other will be 100 years in July… wow. So be­ing 50 years is just a child.

All birthdays are im­por­tant, what­ever age you are, an­other year older is a time to cel­e­brate, to give and re­ceive warm wishes.

In the Church, we have just cel­e­brated Pen­te­cost Sun­day. Pen­te­cost is al­ways seven weeks af­ter Easter Sun­day; that is to say, 50 days af­ter Easter (in­clu­sive of Easter Day). In other words, it falls on the eighth Sun­day, count­ing Easter Day (num­ber 50 again).

We re­mem­ber the de­scent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apos­tles and other fol­low­ers of Je­sus Christ, as de­scribed in the Acts of the Apos­tles 2:1–31.

For this rea­son, Pen­te­cost is de­scribed to­day as the “birth­day of the Church”. It’s a happy Sun­day we come to­gether to cel­e­brate a great event.

So no mat­ter how old or young you are cel­e­brate birthdays and ev­ery day sin­gle day, each day is sig­nif­i­cant and spe­cial. And 50 is not such a bad num­ber af­ter all. Karen Hamil­ton, Dea­con, Cam­bus­lang Parish Church.

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