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While ev­ery golfer loves a big drive or a crisp iron shot, the best way to get your score down is to im­prove your game around the green.

If you can face any shot from around the green con­fi­dent you can get up and down, it will make a big dif­fer­ence to your score.

Part of that is know­ing the right shot to play.

One in­stance is if you find your­self on an up­hill gra­di­ent around the green.

The key thing here is club se­lec­tion and dis­tance con­trol. While it’s tempt­ing to take a lofted club, this would be a mis­take as the hill ac­tu­ally in­creases the loft on your club.

if you use some­thing like a sand wedge or 58 de­gree wedge, you will scoop the ball up in the air and have it stop very quickly.

In­stead, grab an eight or nine iron from the bag and let the slope help you rather than hin­der you.

Po­si­tion the ball for­ward in a wide stance and make sure your shoul­ders and hips are par­al­lel with the slope.

If you try and stand up­right, you run the risk of dig­ging the club in and ei­ther hit­ting the ground first or turn­ing the club over and the ball fly­ing over the green.

Swing with the slope and land the ball about half­way to­wards the flag, let­ting it roll out and re­mem­ber to take into ac­count the con­tour of the green.

Straight face Hit the slope rather than chop­ping into it. Use a straighter faced club as the slope will in­crease the loft of the club

In po­si­tion Align your hips and shoul­ders with the slope

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