There’s benefits to play­ing it straight

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Last week, we spoke about he im­por­tance of the short game and choos­ing the right shot around the green.

The shot we fo­cussed on was from an up­hill lie, so to­day we’ll con­cen­trate on a straight chip to a green that runs away from you.

A per­fect ex­am­ple of this is the 18th hole at Kirkhill. It’s down­hill all the way and that doesn’t stop at the green which slopes sharply from front to back.

If you find your­self in this po­si­tion, it may be tempt­ing to hit a straighter faced club and run­ning it onto the green. That’s fine if the pin is at the back, but it’s not so good if the pin is at the front.

In­stead, use a lofted club, maybe a 58 or 60 de­gree wedge .

You want to get the ball land­ing softly and let­ting the slope and grav­ity do the rest.

The all im­por­tant el­e­ment here is your hands, which should be al­most com­pletely pas­sive through­out the shot.

Re­sist the urge to break them or flick at the ball as this could lead you thin­ning the ball through the green.

Set up with the ball roughly at the cen­tre of your stance with your hands for­ward, slightly in­side your left leg.

Make sure you take a big enough back swing or you’ll just scoop the ball up and end up well short of the hole.

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