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Hav­ing the right po­si­tion when you line up for a shot is im­por­tant - but it’s also im­por­tant to be in the right po­si­tion when you’re at im­pact.

In fact, there shouldn’t be too much dif­fer­ence from the stance you start your swing with to you stance when you strike the ball.

The feet should still be on the ground with your right foot only slightly raised at the heel. Your head should sit in the same po­si­tion through­out.

The key is in the hands. Your wrists should be straight and the left hand should be club­head.

That gives the com­pres­sion needed for the ball to get away quickly.

It can turn an eight iron into a seven iron.

The trick is not to cup your wrists on im­pact. This will have the op­po­site af­fect, turn­ing an eight iron into a nine iron and will see you los­ing dis­tance. Make sure you drive through the ball. A good way to prac­tice at the range is to hit 40 to 50 yards shots with your hands apart.

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Los­ing power If this is your im­pact po­si­tion, with the wrists cupped, you’ll lose power and dis­tance on your shot

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