Crime re­duc­tion a welcome trend

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The in­spec­tor at Ruther­glen Po­lice Sta­tion has wel­comed sta­tis­tics that show crime is down in South La­nark­shire.

Fig­ures re­leased ear­lier this month by Po­lice Scot­land showed a down­ward trend for crime across South La­nark­shire com­pared with last year.

The fig­ures for quar­ter four, which cov­ers the pe­riod 1 April 2014 to 3 March 2015, have re­vealed a dip in the to­tal num­ber of group one to six crimes recorded when com­pared with the same pe­riod last year. The fig­ure fell from14,135 to 13,745.

The to­tal num­ber of crimes de­tected also fell from 7,124 to 7,057.

Recorded crimes are crimes re­ported to the po­lice and de­tec­tions are where po­lice have iden­ti­fied that a crime has taken place.

Of the fig­ure, group seven crimes, which in­clude driv­ing of­fences, saw the big­gest drop.

The num­ber of recorded crimes fell from 22,307 to 11,834, with the num­ber of de­tec­tions fall­ing from 22,252 to 11,757 - a drop of al­most 50 per cent.

For group one crimes, which in­clude mur­der, at­tempted mur­der and se­ri­ous as­sault, the num­ber of crimes recorded fell from 288 to 272 with de­tec­tions fall­ing by nine from 238 to 229.

And with re­gards to recorded house­break­ings the to­tal num­ber (in­clud­ing at­tempted house­break­ings) fell from 1,232 to 1,089.

How­ever for de­tec­tions the num­ber rose 231 to 256.

And for recorded crimes of car­ry­ing of­fen­sive weapons such as a blade, the num­ber fell from 251 to 203, with de­tec­tions also down from 245 to 195.

The num­ber of re­ported anti- so­cial be­hav­iour in­ci­dents also fell from 21,182 to 18, 035.

How­ever while other cat­e­gories fell, group two recorded crimes and de­tec­tions rose.

Group two crimes in­clude sex­ual crimes such as rape, sex­ual as­sault and lewd and li­bidi­nous prac­tices.

The num­ber of these crimes recorded rose from 232 to 337 with de­tec­tions also ris­ing from 171 to 253.

In­spec­tor Jim Gillespie of Ruther­glen Po­lice Of­fice wel­comed the fact that crime in the area showed a down­ward trend.

He added: “The re­duc­tion in re­ported crime is welcome and I am pleased that vi­o­lence, dis­or­der and anti-so­cial be­hav­iour in Cam­bus­lang an Ruther­glen ar­eas has shown a sim­i­lar down­ward trend as is the case na­tion­ally and across La­nark­shire.

“We will not how­ever be­come com­pla­cent and will con­tinue to tar­get the peo­ple in­tent in caus­ing harm to our com­mu­nity and de­ploy our of­fi­cers to the ar­eas where crimes are likely to be com­mit­ted.

“We will also con­tinue to work closely with the com­mu­nity and our part­ners to tar­get the is­sues the peo­ple of Cam­bus­lang and Ruther­glen have iden­ti­fied as their pri­or­i­ties.”

We will con­tinue to work closely with the com­mu­nity and our part­ners

In­spec­tor Jim Gillespie

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