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If we want a nice gar­den, then sow­ing, weed­ing, tend­ing, wa­ter­ing, and jobs to be en­dured be­fore we gather the fruit or flow­ers, work­ing for re­sults, now work out your sal­va­tion - that is, put it to the test, show oth­ers that it re­ally works, God giveth the in­crease.

Talk­ing of gar­dens, toil­ing and reap­ing a re­ward, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suf­fer­ing, gen­tle­ness, good­ness, faith, meek­ness tem­per­ance.”

What a bun­dle of first fruits, what a cre­ation, so dif­fer­ent from the nor­mal na­ture of mankind, not much ev­i­dence of these at­tributes out­side of the power of the Spirit of God - man try­ing to be good but fail­ing, lit­tle faith, re­ly­ing on facts too much.

Ev­ery man want­ing the es­teem of fel­low man, pride of place to the fore, all given to ex­cess in drink, love, money mak­ing, lit­tle gen­tle­ness, in fact gross cru­elty to fel­low man, no pa­tience at home, on the road, rush­ing, shov­ing, de­ter­mined to be in front at all costs, de­mand­ing that all must be done to bet­ter one­self, and even fight­ing to be master of ev­ery sit­u­a­tion.

What a con­tract peo­ple are be­tween them­selves, but if we are to fol­low the master, then we must abide in Him, bear­ing the fruit of the Spirit, and bring joy to Him­self as He sees repli­cas of His res­ur­rec­tion in the lives of those who pro­fess to be Chris­tians.

As the scrip­ture verses con­tinue, we read: “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” Now this is the most fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ence be­tween the two na­tures.

We of our­selves can­not please God, all the good we try to do in our own strength, shows up as filthy rags in the pres­ence of a Holy God, we have to stand be­fore Him in the merit of His Son’s worth, and His work of Calvary.

He, the Lord Je­sus, through His death, brought us into the new po­si­tion as chil­dren of God, hav­ing made peace and taken our just re­wards for our sins He also pro­vided the power to live a holy life from now on.

Walk­ing means step by step, stand­ing means be­ing in the pres­ence of God the fa­ther, sit­ting, means a place in Christ in the heav­en­lies, and glo­ri­fi­ca­tion means changed in His like­ness when we see Him face to face.

Hence the re­al­ity of ‘Abide in Me, and I in you,’ as the Lord Je­sus told His loved ones. Ma­jor Mike Watkins, The Sal­va­tion Army, Ruther­glen.

Croft­foot Parish Church are hop­ing that lo­cal teenagers will be get­ting in­fused this Au­gust.

The church will be hold­ing their pop­u­lar In­fu­sion youth evenings over three nights in Au­gust, from Wed­nes­day Au­gust 5 to Fri­day, Au­gust 7.

This is the fourth year for the evenings, which fea­ture quizzes, sports and food, and are aimed at teenagers in S3 at school or over.

Croft­foot min­is­ter Rev Robert Sil­ver be­lieves the evenings have sev­eral ben­e­fits.

He said: “It’s a youth club with pool, vol­ley­ball, ta­ble ten­nis and then we usu­ally have a BBQ at the end, too.

“There’s quizzes and we do talk about the Chris­tian faith as well.

“It seems to go down very well, and we usu­ally get be­tween 12 and 20 peo­ple com­ing along.

“What we’ve found in the past is that while ev­ery­one has a lot of fun, there’s an in­ter­est in the spir­i­tual is­sues, too - they are al­ways quite in­ter­ested in talk­ing about it, and it’s a two way con­ver­sa­tion - it’s not about just talk­ing to them, but about hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion and hear­ing their thoughts.”

Robert feels that the evenings can also help Croft­foot get their mes­sage across to teenagers who might not at­tend the usual ser­vices.

He added: “We’re not ex­pect­ing all of them to be com­ing through the doors on a Sun­day morn­ing, but it’s a way of let­ting them talk about these is­sues.

“There’s half a dozen vol­un­teers who help run ev­ery­thing, and their hard work is re­ally ap­pre­ci­ated.”

The church will also con­tinue with its pop­u­lar Rise and Shine chil­dren’s club, from Au­gust 3 to Au­gust 7.

The club’s been go­ing strong for 40 years now, and will be tak­ing place from 9.30am each day of the week.

Games, football, craft, drama and sto­ries are on of­fer, along with the al­ways pop­u­lar tuck shop.

The In­fu­sion nights then start at 7.30pm and S3 pupils and over are are welcome to at­tend.

On song Croft­foot Parish Church’s In­fu­sion events are al­ways a great suc­cess

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