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Ruther­glen’s very own Masterchef con­tes­tant, David Banks, will be of­fer­ing up his tips and recipes for Re­former read­ers in fu­ture edi­tions.

For more tips and recipes, you can fol­low David on Twit­ter at www.twit­ter. com/Glas­gow_Munchy If you ask any chef what three in­gre­di­ents they would take to a desert is­land a large ma­jor­ity would surely de­clare their choices to be salt, olive oil and gar­lic.

It is the lat­ter, gar­lic, which I am most in­ter­ested in for to­day’s recipe. An in­gre­di­ent that is prom­i­nent in ev­ery world re­gion’s cook­ing. An in­gre­di­ent which, when fried in but­ter or olive oil, makes your kitchen smell like an old ta­pas bar on some cob­bled street in north­ern Spain.

My at­tempt at grow­ing gar­lic in the gar­den this sum­mer saw lev­els of fail­ure I had only pre­vi­ously seen when watch­ing Greg Wal­lace on Strictly Come Danc­ing. I am con­vinced a cat was do­ing it’s dirty busi­ness on top of my lit­tle patch, squash­ing my gar­lic plants in the process.

Ap­par­ently its re­mark­ably good for you as well. The NHS web­site sug­gests that the con­sump­tion of gar­lic can lead to “im­proved blood cir­cu­la­tion, health­ier choles­terol lev­els and lower blood pres­sure,” which is there­fore surely a musthave for Glaswe­gians with the la­bel of liv­ing in the heart at­tack cap­i­tal of Europe.

Chicken Kiev is an ab­so­lute clas­sic and cel­e­brates gar­lic in all it’s glory. You’ll no­tice that 99 per cent of the pre-made Kievs that you buy in the su­per­mar­ket are made from me­chan­i­cally re­cov­ered chicken or a mix of chicken bits with bread and all sorts of other rub­bish. Treat your­self to a proper ver­sion by fol­low­ing this recipe Step 1 – Gar­lic but­ter

To a bowl or large cup, add a good sized knob of soft­ened but­ter, a crushed clove of gar­lic, chopped pars­ley and salt and stir un­til it has all com­bined. Set aside. Step 2 – Stuff­ing the chicken breast.

Make a deep in­ci­sion in the chicken, mak­ing sure you don’t pierce the other side of the breast. Stuff your gar­lic but­ter in to the pocket you have cre­ated and close the chicken breast so that the gar­lic but­ter is en­closed in­side the chicken. Step 3 – The crispy coat­ing

Get a cou­ple of pieces of bread and blitz them up un­til they form bread­crumbs (al­ter­na­tively buy them pre-made from the su­per­mar­ket). To three bowls add flour, a beaten egg and your bread­crumbs. Roll your stuffed chicken breast in the flour, dip in the egg and then sit in the bread­crumbs, sprin­kling more bread­crumbs over the top so you get a nice even coat­ing.

Driz­zle some oil on an oven­tray and place the chicken in the oven at 180 de­grees for around 30 min­utes un­til the chicken is cooked through and the bread­crumbs have crisped up. Don’t for­get to pour any of the es­caped, siz­zling gar­lic but­ter that is sit­ting in the oven tray back over the kiev.

Food for thought The per­fect Chicken Kiev, cooked by Ruther­glen chef David Banks

Chef David Banks

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