Jokes are on you as we beat Fringe ef­fort

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“I just deleted all the Ger­man names off my phone. It’s Hans free.”

Ac­cord­ing to TV chan­nel Dave, that joke from co­me­dian Dar­ren Walsh was the best joke at this year’s Ed­in­burgh Fringe Fes­ti­val.

But we thought Re­former read­ers could do even bet­ter so asked you for your favourite gags on our Face­book page.

And we think you’ll agree Ruther­glen and Cam­bus­lang is ev­ery bit as funny as any­one you’ll see at the an­nual fes­ti­val.

Jim Mull­hol­land said:“What do you call a guy with one foot in­side his house and one foot out­side? Hamish......”

James Hunter’s ef­fort was:“Bar­man to punter with a dog,‘oi, you canny leave that ly­ing there‘, punter to bar­man,‘that’s no a lion, its a grey­hound !’

Colin Hal­l­i­day’s was an oldie but a goldie:“Did you hear about the magic trac­tor? It turned into a field.”

Cam­bus­lang Bowl­ing Club Pres­i­dent Will McArthur clearly fancies him­self as stand-up, as he didn’t stop at one joke.

He said:“Is that a cake or a meringue? Naw yer right enough it’s a cake.

“Daugh­ter caught in rain storm phones home and says‘Da ahm soak­ing can ye come an’get me?’Dad says‘ok where are you ring­ing from?’Daugh­ter says‘fae mah top right doon tae mah bot­tom.’ “A Scots­man in Lon­don is hav­ing trou­ble phon­ing his sis­ter from a tele­phone box so he calls the op­er­a­tor who asks in a plummy voice:‘Is there money in the box?’‘Naw, it’s just me,’he replies.”

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