Labour val­ues must have changed

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I was in the public seats at the SLC ex­ec­u­tive coun­cil meet­ing on Au­gust 26 and I could not be­lieve the way the meet­ing was con­ducted the chair pro­posed the mo­tion and the vice chair sec­onded.

I would have thought that any pro­posal or amend­ment should have come from mem­bers and not the chair.

Labour val­ues must have changed since I was younger, they used to fight for equal­ity for the work­ing class not dis­crim­i­na­tion and di­vi­sion.

I would love to know who the right wing Labour coun­cil­lor was that put up the pro­posal that only chil­dren get­ting school meals are al­lowed a bus to school and the rest can walk.

The coun­cil stated that no other sav­ings could be made and one labour coun­cil­lor even said IT was more im­por­tant than school buses.

Maybe if the coun­cil had stayed in COSLA in­stead of pay­ing ap­prox­i­mately £3.5mil­lion to come out or if they had paid the equal pay when they should have,they would not have to pay ex­pen­sive lawyers about £2 mil­lion.

These sav­ings alone would have paid for school buses for seven years.

The coun­cil have no money but they have a re­ported taxi bill of £14m, the sec­ond high­est in Scot­land. I`m not an ac­coun­tant but if they trim their taxi bill, their IT bill, can­cel the 50th birth­day party, re­move free bus passes for the con­victed drug ad­dicts, even re­duce some of their own ex­penses maybe there would be enough money in the pot to con­tinue the buses .

I am not con­vinced the ex­ec­u­tive should have made the de­ci­sion at all as the ini­tial pro­posal and tim­ing has changed which makes the con­sul­ta­tion doc­u­ment null and void. It should have gone back to full coun­cil and a re­vised con­sul­ta­tion sent out. Dou­glas Beard Grand­par­ent and Half­way res­i­dent

I do not agreed with the re­moval of school buses as the safe walk­ing route is not safe and to ex­pect chil­dren to walk that dis­tance daily in all weather’s is un­ac­cept­able.

I as an adult would not want to walk the route or dis­tance.

South La­nark­shire Coun­cil have now said that chil­dren who re­ceive free school meals are the only ones en­ti­tled to free trans­port. I have noth­ing against peo­ple who don’t work but how can this be fair when you are out work­ing but seem to be pe­nalised for hav­ing a job.

SLC say they can only pro­vide a free ser­vice for chil­dren who have free school meals but this is the buses that they will still have out­go­ings for driver’s wages, fuel, up­keep, be half empty and go­ing past chil­dren wait­ing to go to school. It’s a dis­grace. Karen Ross via email

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