It’s hard to beat Su­per Mario

Rutherglen Reformer - - THE TICKET - Su­per Mario Maker

Su­per Mario Maker is es­sen­tially two games - a de­sign tool and a tra­di­tional 2D plat­former.

The tool as­pect lets you crib el­e­ments from sev­eral Mario games and toss them to­gether into a level of your own mak­ing, which you can then upload online for ev­ery­one else to play. You choose the over­all graph­i­cal skin from among Su­per Mario Bros., Su­per Mario Bros. 3, Su­per Mario World, or New Su­per Mario Bros. U.

This af­fects the way ev­ery­thing looks and sounds, and how some items are used and the back­ground that you choose de­ter­mines the stage and mu­si­cal themes.

A real plea­sure to play for any age of gamer.

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Su­per Mario Maker is great

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