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Our God (what­ever we un­der­stand you to be)

We see trains, packed with des­per­ate, hope­ful, hope­less, fright­ened refugees.

We see boats packed to sink with those flee­ing for their lives, crav­ing a life free from gun­fire and op­pres­sion.

We see a third world camp in a next door Euro­pean coun­try and hope our gov­ern­ment builds stronger fences, trains fiercer dogs, and driv­ers se­cure their lor­ries bet­ter

We see bod­ies washed up on a beach…

.. and try to for­get these im­ages rep­re­sent real peo­ple, just like us… be­cause surely they’re not like us and it must be their fault in some way.

Our God (what­ever we un­der­stand you to be)

For­give us for our tol­er­ance of in­jus­tice; for­give us for our ac­cep­tance of the way the world is – be­cause we say it will al­ways be like this; for­give us when we squash down anger and in­stead of turn­ing it to ac­tion, we let it dis­si­pate into res­ig­na­tion.

We are shamed when we see other coun­tries welcome the bro­ken hud­dled mass but still thank you that it’s not us.

For­give us when we crave the ad­verts be­cause at least then the liturgy of de­spair will be si­lenced.

Our God, how did we let our hu­man­ity get like this?

We hear of cloth­ing col­lec­tions – and think we have noth­ing spare to give, be­cause the day might come when we need it (as if?)

We hear of peo­ple open­ing their homes for the needy, the dirty and the speak­ers of other lan­guages, and re­coil in hor­ror that any­one would ask us to do the same.

Our God, do you look on with tears and say for­give them, they do not know what they’re do­ing, and then do you turn away in shame?

Amen Ken Coul­ter, Church Leader, Ruther­glen Bap­tist

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