When it comes to weight loss and ex­er­cise, myths abound. How can you sep­a­rate fact from fic­tion?

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We’ve all heard the fibs and fads about weight loss, such as you can live off cho­co­late as long as you go to the gym... ...or you can gorge on pizza as long as you have a cou­ple of ‘good’ days. But that fact is, there’s no faddy way to lose weight. It’s all about eat­ing healthily and ex­er­cis­ing. As the days get darker, ex­er­cise doesn’t only help you lose weight, it can also lift your mood.

And as for those fibs and fads? For good health, aim to be ac­tive at a mod­er­ate in­ten­sity for 30 min­utes, at least five times a week.

For weight loss, in­crease this to 50-60 min­utes a day. Aim for mus­cle­strength­en­ing ac­tiv­ity two or more days a week.

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