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Ju­lia West­garth, Pro­gramme De­vel­op­ment Man­ager at Weight Watch­ers, puts you straight about shift­ing those an­noy­ing pounds...

Myth 1

You can eat what­ever you want if you do enough

ex­er­cise Myth 2: Ex­er­cis­ing on

an empty stom­ach burns

more fat Myth 3: Ex­er­cise just makes you eat more

Ju­lia says: ‘Not true. Some peo­ple spend hours at the gym but still can’t lose weight, be­cause they don’t change their eat­ing habits. To lose weight you need to burn off more calo­ries than you take in, but you also need to eat well.’

Ju­lia says: ‘Not true. Your body needs fuel for a work­out. A small meal or snack – such as a low-fat yo­ghurt with fruit – about two hours be­fore ex­er­cis­ing will give the best re­sults.’

Ju­lia says: ‘ Think again! Re­searchers at Leeds Univer­sity found that, for most peo­ple, do­ing in­tense phys­i­cal ex­er­cise caused no au­to­matic in­crease in ei­ther hunger or eat­ing.”

Weight Watch­ers will sup­port you through­out your jour­ney in a way that fits your lifestyle. So whether you want to at­tend meet­ings or join online, you will al­ways have ac­cess to our in­spir­ing lead­ers who have all lost weight them­selves. You also can re­ceive sup­port and mo­ti­va­tion on de­mand 24/7 with Ex­pert Chat on your mo­bile or online.

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