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Can you re­mem­ber your last pizza?

Was it pep­per­oni or margharita? Was it deep-pan, thin crust, or cheese stuffed? Was it folded over like Cal­zone? Was it from your own oven, was it in a res­tau­rant or was it de­liv­ered to your door? How did it smell? When will you next eat another one?

I have a new ap­pre­ci­a­tion of piz­zas thanks to chil­dren from one of our lo­cal pri­mary schools. At this year’s harvest cel­e­bra­tion they told the story of ham and pineap­ple pizza.

They told the story of the pineap­ple which came from Kenya (5,500 miles they reck­oned), the flour which came from the United States ( 4,000 miles), toma­toes from Spain (1,200 miles), cheese from Italy ( 1,100 miles), ham from France ( 600 miles) and mush­rooms from just up the road in Scot­land (prob­a­bly only 200 miles). The hum­ble ham and pineap­ple pizza had a com­bined jour­ney of about 12,600 miles, be­fore that fi­nal jour­ney of about 30 cen­time­tres from our ta­ble to our taste buds. When you in­cluded driv­ers, farm­ers, grow­ers, sellers there were at least 200 peo­ple in­volved in get­ting it there.

I was struck by how im­por­tant this was to our young peo­ple. They said it was vi­tal to re­mem­ber all the peo­ple who made, trans­ported and sold their pizza. We talked about the im­por­tance of eat­ing slowly and of not con­sum­ing in sec­onds what had taken years to pro­duce. And they spoke of the im­por­tance of giv­ing thanks for the pizza, thanks for the peo­ple be­hind it, and also (and this was not through my prompt­ing) to God. Harvest is an in­vi­ta­tion to re­mem­ber that be­hind all good things there is the gen­er­ous hand of God. Thank God for ham and pineap­ple pizza. Rev. Neil Glover, Flem­ing­ton and Hall­side Church

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