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Satur­day night is all about The X Fac­tor.

This year’s panel of judges is fan­tas­tic - Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora bring some­thing fresh to the ta­ble.

We have al­ready in­ducted Ms Rita Ora into The Pow­der Room Hall of Fame and in­stead of look­ing at Ch­eryl this month - as you might have ex­pected (her blah style just doesn’t in­spire me tbh) - I thought I’d take a step back in time (sorry Danni, I know that’s a Kylie hit!) and look at the di­vine Danni Minogue.

She is a real style fave of mine. I loved her on X Fac­tor .

Ev­ery week her look changed so com­pletely it was ex­cit­ing to see what she would rock up with next. Re­mem­ber her amaz­ing mo­hawk?

Her make up was al­ways gor­geous so I wanted to re­mind you all, and my­self, of her look to die for.

Danni has that fab­u­lous com­bi­na­tion of amaz­ing pierc­ing blue eyes, con­trast­ing with ul­tra glossy dark hair.

To make her eyes re­ally pop, they were al­ways lined with a very dark pen­cil to give them a cat-like ap­pear­ance.

Her shadow pal­ette was all smokey warm browns and golds, which looked amaz­ing in con­trast against the ra­di­ant blue of her eyes ... a great tip for en­hanc­ing your eye colour (See my colour wheel item!)

Her skin al­ways looked ra­di­ant and her lips were pout per­fect in a neu­tral gloss.

The thing that al­ways re­ally jumped out was that ex­tra touch of blue kohl liner in­side the wa­ter line of her eyes. It re­ally en­hanced the blue.

Danni’s make up stood out. She bal­anced glam­our with a fresh-faced beauty.

So the sum­mer has breathed its last. The sun is sink­ing lower in the sky and the darker nights are start­ing to draw in just that lit­tle bit ear­lier.

Pump­kins, skulls and spi­ders are start­ing to ap­pear in shops along­side the fruit and veg so that can only mean one thing ... Hal­loween is in the air.

Eleven months out of the year I spend my days mak­ing peo­ple look gor­geous so it’s nice, once in a while, to wield my brushes wickedly and make them look freak­ishly fab!

Last year I cre­ated a zom­bie look that was to die for. And you can cre­ate this spe­cial ef­fects make-up look at home with a raid through your cup­boards.

This dev­il­ish look can be recre­ated us­ing house­hold prod­ucts and just a cou­ple of items from a fancy dress shop.

To achieve a con­vinc­ing zom­bie, you have to first de­cide how long your zom­bie has been dead or un­dead!

I went for quite an old, de­crepit zom­bie. A fresh one would have been very messy with all the fresh blood so an older, more ex­pe­ri­enced zom­bie is the way to go.

First up, I used a white base mixed with some green/yel­low tint to get a sickly com­plex­ion.

We de­cided to do only one side of his face to get a nice con­trast.

Be sure to blend it down un­der the cos­tume and then set it with white or pale pow­der.

The next step is cre­at­ing the gory wounds that tell of decades spent rot­ting un­der­ground be­fore be­ing re­an­i­mated.

And be­lieve it or not, they are cre­ated with com­mon va­ri­ety tis­sue pa­per.

Shred lots of ran­domly sized pieces and fixed them to the face us­ing spirit gum, then cover it all with more base.

Once se­cured, pull at the edges to get an un­even fin­ish to re­sem­ble torn, with­ered flesh.

With the de­com­pos­ing face in place, push some coag­u­lated blood gel into the ar­eas with tis­sue. That gives the il­lu­sion of deep dark wounds, then ap­ply some fake blood and let it drip. To cre­ate the dark, sunken, life­less eyes of a Hal­loween zom­bie, use a grey shadow to darken around the sock­ets.

Years spent un­der­ground is bound to have taken its toll on the com­plex­ion so ex­ag­ger­ate fa­cial lines us­ing a thin brush and some grey shadow to make you look much older.

Add a pair of zom­bie con­tact lenses, and go out and dare to scare!

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