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Your eyes can be your most al­lur­ing fea­ture so why not spin the wheel of colour for­tune and find out which shades will re­ally bring out the best in your peep­ers

So how do you se­lect the best colours to en­hance your nat­u­ral eye colour?

It may sound strange, but to en­hance your nat­u­ral colour, se­lect the most con­trast­ing shade to your eyes. For ex­am­ple, if you have green eyes, you want a red­dish or vi­o­let shade.

If you have blue eyes, take a look at an or­ange shade.

Brown and grey eyes are con­sid­ered neu­tral so colour works re­ally well.

So how do you go about find­ing out ex­actly which con­trast­ing shade will fit?

Take a look at my colour wheel. First, find your eye colour, or as near as you can, then look to the colour di­rectly op­po­site. Ap­ply a shadow or pen­cil close to that shade. You will be amazed at the dif­fer­ence.

You’re prob­a­bly think­ing: “How can I get away with or­ange eye shadow?” But think along the lines of golds, rusts, bronze and ter­ra­cotta shades.

And quite of­ten less is more, so just a hint of the con­trast­ing shade is of­ten enough for max im­pact.

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