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Are you one of those peo­ple who when you buy some­thing like a wash­ing ma­chine or a new tele­vi­sion you al­ways take out the ex­tended guar­an­tee?

For an ex­tra £100 or so you’re promised that if any­thing goes wrong with what you’ve bought in the next three or five years it will be re­placed or re­paired free of charge and no ques­tions asked.

I’ve been per­suaded in the past to buy that kind of guar­an­tee and my ex­pe­ri­ence has been that when ques­tions have been asked some rea­son has been found for why the guar­an­tee that was sup­posed to cover ev­ery­thing didn’t cover what had gone wrong.

Don’t you just hate it when that hap­pens? But maybe you find that hap­pens with churches?

The Church can ap­pear to prom­ise so much but when it ac­tu­ally comes to de­liv­er­ing what’s promised we seem to fall short.

One of the most com­mon ac­cu­sa­tions I’ve heard lev­elled against churches is that they’re full of hyp­ocrites.

Is that one rea­son you don’t go to church?

But the Church was never meant for just per­fect peo­ple. The Church is meant for peo­ple who are on a jour­ney from what they’re like to what God wants them to be­come, and that can be a long jour­ney.

Je­sus once said that He came to heal those who were not just phys­i­cal in­valids but those who are spir­i­tual in­valids too.

Churches, like hos­pi­tals, are for peo­ple who want to get bet­ter. So if there are im­per­fect peo­ple in churches who haven’t yet be­come what God wants us to be then that’s no great sur­prise.

We’re still a work in progress and God is work­ing on us, so don’t let our short­com­ings put you off com­ing to church. Rev. Brian J Graham­bus­lang­bap­

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