Alexandra feels so lucky to be alive

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Alexandra Hay­den feels lucky to be alive af­ter be­ing hit by a car and flipped over the bon­net while cross­ing the road.

She ad­mits she was rush­ing to catch a bus and didn’t look prop­erly as she crossed the street into the path of a car.

Luck­ily it was only mov­ing at around 15mph.

Alexandra, 24, from East Kil­bride, fears she could have been much more se­ri­ously in­jured if it had been go­ing much faster.

Alexandra said: “It was so busy at rush hour and I was de­ter­mined to catch a bus I’d just seen so I ran across the road and didn’t look to see if any cars were com­ing.

“I saw the car at the last minute and it hit me on the side and sent me fly­ing. I had whiplash and bad bruis­ing as I went over the bon­net and hit the wing mir­ror.

“I landed back down on my tail bone and all my lower back and my back­side were badly bruised. I do feel lucky be­cause it could have been worse.

“That area is re­ally busy and it could have been a lorry or an­other bus or some­one driv­ing faster. Look­ing back, I re­alise I could have died. It was re­ally scary. Usu­ally I’m quite a sen­si­ble per­son and would never ex­pect some­thing like that to hap­pen to me. One minute ev­ery­thing was fine and the next this hap­pened.

“What hap­pened could have been avoided – it was just be­cause of not think­ing or look­ing when I crossed the road.”

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